4 Slack apps every HR team should know about (+1 bonus) [2024 edition]

4 Slack apps every HR team should know about (+1 bonus) [2024 edition]
Photo by Austin Distel / Unsplash

In this article, we will see the 4 Slack apps every HR team should know about: SimplePoll, Billy (the birthday bot), Donut, and Vacation Tracker. Whether your company is remote, hybrid, in-office, a large corporation, or a startup, these Slack bots will help you create a culture your employees won’t want to leave. Let’s get started!

#1 Pulsy Survey

To kick things off, let’s delve into Pulsy Survey. Designed for Slack, Pulsy Survey streamlines decision-making. Users create polls and surveys within Slack itself, so there’s no need for external tools. Not only does it offer features like anonymous voting and real-time results, but recurring polls and multi-question surveys also stand out. Thus, HR teams can effortlessly gauge team preferences. Overall, it keeps HR in touch with the team’s sentiments, while also ensuring smooth workflow.

#2 Billy (the birthday bot)

Next, we have Billy. Billy excels in celebrating birthdays and work anniversaries. It offers both automatic and manual options for date collection. Billy ensures that everyone feels special on their big day. Especially for HR teams, this tool plays a vital role in fostering a vibrant work culture. Whether your team is in-person or remote (or both), Billy will integrates seamlessly into Slack. Features like birthday GIFs, week-end management (not to notify the employees during time off) and event tracking further elevate the experience.

#3 Alfy Matching

Now, let’s explore Alfy Matching. This Slack app promotes connections and strengthens workplace culture. How? By orchestrating virtual coffee meetups, discussions on diverse topics like DEI, and more. Companies of all sizes benefit from Alfy, which fosters genuine interdepartmental relationships. HR teams, in particular, find it invaluable for boosting connection, inclusivity, and camaraderie.

#4 Vacation Tracker

Moving on to Vacation Tracker. Say goodbye to cumbersome spreadsheets! Vacation Tracker automates Paid Time Off (PTO) management. Designed for all team sizes, it boasts features like quick leave approvals and self-managed leave balance checks. Moreover, its customizations, such as location-based policies and automated holiday imports, are truly groundbreaking. By automating these processes, it frees up time for HR and guarantees accurate leave tracking. Consequently, it enhances task planning and payroll accuracy.

#5 Clappy Kudos (bonus)

Last but not least, we introduce Clappy Kudos. A unique peer-to-peer recognition software, Clappy nurtures a culture of gratitude. It empowers employees to recognize their peers, lifting performance and happiness. What sets Clappy apart is its approach to tackling challenges of hybrid and remote working. HR teams find Seed instrumental in fostering a positive, world-class work environment.

In today’s dynamic work environment, fostering connection and culture is paramount. These Slack apps, each with its unique capabilities, rise to the challenge. Want to see more HR apps? Checkout the top slack applications.