Best birthday bots (2024 edition)

In today’s article, we’re going to explore what a birthday bot (also known as a bday bot) is, why it is important to install one for your company, and which are the best birthday bots available on the market for Slack, Teams, and Discord.

Best birthday bots (2024 edition)

In today’s article, we’re going to explore what a birthday bot (also known as a bday bot) is, why it is important to install one for your company, and which are the best birthday bots available on the market for Slack, Teams, and Discord. Let’s get started!

What is a birthday bot?

A birthday bot is a software tool or application that integrates with platforms such as Slack, Teams, Discord, or other communication and collaboration platforms to help automate the process of celebrating and remembering employees’ birthdays and work anniversaries within a company.

Here’s a more detailed breakdown of what a birthdaybot generally offers:

  1. Automated Messages: The primary function of a birthday bot is to send out personalized birthday messages on the day of someone’s birthday, often facilitating group wishes from colleagues.
  1. Birthday Reminders: Automatically reminding users of upcoming birthdays helps to foster goodwill and camaraderie within a company and allows for event planning and preparation.
  2. Integration with Calendar Apps: Many birthday bots can sync with popular calendar applications, pulling in birthday data to automatically schedule reminders and messages.
  3. Customization: Users can generally customize the bot’s settings to control how and when reminders and messages are sent, allowing for a personalized approach to birthday celebrations.

Why is it important to install a birthday bot?

Installing a birthday bot in a company setting can offer several benefits that enhance the social environment and foster a positive culture. Here are some reasons why it is important to install a birthday bot:

  1. Increasing Employee Engagement and Satisfaction: Recognizing and celebrating birthdays can contribute to higher employee satisfaction. It shows that the organization values its members as individuals, which can, in turn, boost morale and productivity.
  1. Creating a Positive Work Environment: Celebrating birthdays can add a fun and joyful element to the work environment, helping to create a positive, upbeat atmosphere that is conducive to creativity and collaboration. Recognizing employees for what their bring to the table is also a great way to create a positive environment. You can use a recognition app such as Clappy Kudos to do that.
  2. Fostering Community and Team Spirit: Regularly celebrating birthdays can help to build a sense of community and team spirit. It encourages people to connect on a personal level and fosters a friendly and inclusive atmosphere.

Best birthday bots per platform (Slack, Teams, Discord)

Top 4 best birthday bots for Slack

Billy (the birthday bot)

By far the best birthday bot for Slack! We might be biased, but the G2 reviews also suggest so 😉

In a few words: Billy has a very intuitive UI and UX, allowing you to easily streamline your employees’ birthdays and work anniversary celebrations process. It also has an auto-collect feature where it will kindly ask each user for their birthdate and work anniversary date. A huge time-saver!

Install it now!


CultureBot is a Slack bot designed to help teams celebrate birthdays and workiversaries in a streamlined manner.

It enables users to set up notifications for these milestones and send customized messages, fostering connection and positivity in the workplace.

By using CultureBot, companies can enhance morale and cultivate a collaborative and appreciative work environment where everyone feels valued.


Donut is a tool that integrates with Slack to facilitate personalized celebrations for employees, helping to foster a healthy and inclusive work environment.

It offers features like automatic reminders for important dates, allowing teams to plan celebrations in advance according to individual preferences.

Additionally, Donut encourages virtual team-building events to foster camaraderie and ensure no one feels isolated or overlooked.


DailyBot is a tool designed to assist remote teams in cultivating a positive and unified work environment.

It offers features such as giving kudos, using emojis and GIFs for appreciation, and creating a leaderboard to encourage a culture of positivity and recognition.

Additionally, it integrates with platforms like Slack, Discord, and Microsoft Teams to offer birthday and reminder functionalities, promoting a harmonious and organized team culture.

Top 2 best birthday bots for Teams

Billy (the birthday bot)

Simply the best birthday bot for Teams, if we do say so ourselves — and the G2 reviews seem to agree! 😉

In short: Billy offers an exceptionally user-friendly interface, simplifying the process of organizing and celebrating your employees’ birthdays and work anniversaries. Plus, its automated data collection feature courteously prompts each user to share their birthday and work anniversary details, saving you a substantial amount of time.

Get it today!


AnnounceBot is a digital tool designed to facilitate celebrations and recognitions within a team or company setting.

It automates the process of sending personalized messages for a variety of occasions including birthdays, workaversaries, and major holidays, and can even integrate with platforms outside of Microsoft Teams, reaching clients or contractors via email.

Top 3 best birthday bots for Discord


Scottbucher’s BirthdayBot is a digital tool designed to streamline the celebration of birthdays and work anniversaries within a company.

It accommodates different time zones to notify employees of upcoming birthdays and allows for the customization of birthday messages and roles.

Additionally, server owners can maintain control to avoid confusion, schedule celebratory messages, and even upgrade to a premium package for further customization options, including a library of 500 messages and various visual settings.


Birthdayy is a Discord bot designed to help manage and celebrate birthdays within your community or organization.

It allows for the personalization of birthday announcements and enables users to register their birth dates.

The bot offers a user-friendly interface where birthdays can be viewed and sorted efficiently based on various filters, and its settings can be customized for a more tailored usage experience.


NoiTheCat is a versatile birthday reminder chatbot available on Discord, which facilitates the integration of employee birthday details with your Google contacts, ensuring easy retrieval of information whenever required.

It offers the flexibility to send personalized birthday messages through either email or SMS based on your preference.

Additionally, it supports scheduling messages for future dates to orchestrate surprises and can convey wishes in multiple languages.

That’s it, folks! I hope you’re now convinced of how important it is to install a birthday bot in your company as soon as possible and which one will suit you best! Try Billy (the birthday bot) out now!