How to run e-NPS in Slack in 2024

Creating effective and engaging employee surveys is key to get the best response rate from your team and therefore have a relevant dataset and analysis of the situation. We'll see in this article how to run e-NPS in Slack in 2024 and what to do with it.

How to run e-NPS in Slack in 2024
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Measuring employee satisfaction is more important than ever in 2024. Remote and hybrid work is redistributing the balance that employees used to have. People are also more sensitized to work-life balance and mental wellness therefore their relation to their company has evolved and the satisfaction followed (for the best and the worst). That's why you need to run eNPS wether you are a small team or a larger one.

Creating effective and engaging employee surveys is key to get the best response rate from your team and therefore have a relevant dataset and analysis of the situation.

We'll see in this article how to run e-NPS in Slack in 2024 and what to do with it. It includes how to technically send the survey, how to have the best response rate for your eNPS survey and how to analysis the responses of your eNPS.

Key Takeaways

  1. eNPS is a good way to check how loyal and happy workers are.
  2. You group survey answers into three types, use the numbers to figure out a score, and watch how feelings change.
  3. To increase eNPS, try being open and clear, acting on suggestions, following employee engagement best practises (recognition, team bonding, celebrations)

What is eNPS?

eNPS stands for Employee Net Promoter Score. To understand what is eNPS we should first explain what is an NPS.

A Net Promoter Score measures customer (or employee in our case) perception based on one simple question:

How likely is it that you would recommend [Organisation X/Product Y/Service Z] to a friend or colleague?

Respondents rate from 0 (not at all likely) to 10 (very likely) and are sorted into 3 groups to find the NPS score:

  • Promoters: They rate 9 or 10 and are usually loyal and excited customers.
  • Passives: They rate 7 or 8. They're satisfied but not as much as promoters.
  • Detractors: They rate from 0 to 6. They're unhappy and probably won't buy from you again, maybe even discouraging others.
eNPS score = total % promoters – total % detractors

Measuring eNPS: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Survey the employees
    Use a tool to launch the survey and handle the reminders. This is a good way to get a good response rate and ensure that answers are anonymous. Here is a great survey app for slack for eNPS.
  2. Calculate the Employee NPS
    Once the survey has been answered. You can gather the data in one place and do the calculation. Remember that the formula is total % promoters – total % detractors. Passives responses (7-8) are ignored.
  3. Visualize the trend
    Now that you have your result, you can add this NPS to the graph with past eNPS surveys and visualize the trend.
  4. Organize and follow up with suggestions / improvements
    You'll receive comments or feedbacks detailing what's going well or not.

Key Benefits of Using eNPS

  • eNPS is not a perfect KPI but it's an efficient one to quickly have a feeling on employee loyalty and satisfaction.
  • It's a great way to compare to other companies and see where you're at
  • Overtime, you can follow the impact of HR initiatives with the eNPS trend
  • With the optional comment/feedback, it's a great way to gather important feedback to work on.
  • It's a good first step before launching more advanced surveys.
  • As an employee, it's very quick to answer. (better response rate, easier for recurring surveys)

Strategies to Improve eNPS

Improving eNPS can involve:

  • Always checking eNPS to find out what needs fixing and seeing how things change over time.
  • Talking openly with employees to know what they want and what bothers them.
  • Listening to what employees say and doing something about it.
  • Checking how your eNPS scores compare to others in your industry and setting goals to do better.

Additional Tools for Enhancing Employee Engagement

The eNPS is a quite vague KPI and is the result of various aspects of the company. That being said, it can be heavily impacted by the initiatives that you run for employee engagement. Here are different ways to improve employee engagement:

  • Install an employee recognition software
    It's a must have nowadays. Apps like Clappy Kudos for Slack are easy to setup and can generate loads of engagement.
  • Celebrate your employees
    Birthdays and work anniversaries are a good start. Use Billy Birthday to make sure no special day is forgotten.
  • Match and connect employees
    Create team bonding by making sure people get to meet each other. This is especially important if the team is distributed, remote or hybrid.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good net promoter score for employees?

It's heavily category dependant, here is a lit of average NPS per company category for you to compare:

Satmetrix NICE 2021 average NPS by industry report

What is a good response rate for an eNPS survey?

Here is how Pulsy Survey Slack app rates the participation:

Pulsy survey participation rates

Basically above 60% is good.